Fishing Around in the Sewer

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
Fishing Around in the Sewer
Fishing Around in the Sewer

You lower your gum-on-a-string into the sewer, and retrieve an item!

One of:

Discoball.gifYou acquire an item: disco ball (5% chance)*
Discomask.gifYou acquire an item: disco mask (4% chance)*
Turtle.gifYou acquire an item: helmet turtle (5% chance)*
Mariachipants.gifYou acquire an item: mariachi pants (5% chance)*
Pastaspoon.gifYou acquire an item: pasta spoon (4% chance)*
Ravioli.gifYou acquire an item: ravioli hat (5% chance)*
Saucepan.gifYou acquire an item: saucepan (4% chance)*
Club.gifYou acquire an item: seal-clubbing club (5% chance)*
Skullhelm.gifYou acquire an item: seal-skull helmet (4% chance)*
Spice.gifYou acquire an item: spices (4% chance)*
Accordion.gifYou acquire an item: stolen accordion (4% chance)*
Totem.gifYou acquire an item: turtle totem (5% chance)*
Gewgaw.gifYou acquire an item: worthless gewgaw (15% chance)*
Knickknack.gifYou acquire an item: worthless knick-knack (15% chance)*
Trinket.gifYou acquire an item: worthless trinket (14% chance)*
(Drop rates based on 1681 trips.)


  • As of the implementation of NS13 the seal tooth was replaced by the seal-skull helmet as a starting item for Seal Clubbers; and the corresponding switch was made at this location. The seal tooth now must be obtained by trading with The Hermit.

Occurs at The Sewer.