Festive warbear bank

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festive warbear bank
festive warbear bank

This is a little mechanized bank. It's got a warbear sitting on an ice floe throwing back a Cloaca-Cola, and when you put 25 meat in its other hand, it flips it into a meat-storage facility underneath, where it collects a small amount of interest. Because magic.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: festive warbear banks)
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Item number: 7060
Description ID: 453898282
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Crimbo 2013
Message from Uncle Crimbo

When Used

  • Without 25 meat:
You don't have 25 Meat to drop into the bank.
  • First use each day until meat has been deposited 100 times, otherwise:
You drop 25 Meat into the bank. With a click and a roar, it compounds interest (4%!) and dispenses your dividends.
Meat.gifYou lose 25 Meat.
Meat.gifYou gain X Meat.
  • First use each day after depositing meat at least 100 times:
The bank is full, so you can't fit any more Meat into it. You do, however, collect your interest for the day. Cha-ching!
Meat.gifYou gain 100 Meat.
  • Otherwise:
You already made a deposit today.


  • After X days, you will have collected X*(X+1)/2 meat total and spent 25*X meat. This means you will break even at day 49.
  • Ascension allows you to place another deposit into the bank on the same day.
  • Skipping days does not reset the counter.


  • Up until December 28, 2013 using this item didn't take into account the 25 meat it should have cost to use the bank.
  • Up until January 5, 2014, using this item when it gave 100 meat did not have a limit on the times you could use it per day, and since it's not a consumable item, it would allow for an infinite meat bug. Cannonfire40 received a Bugfinder Blade for reporting this bug.


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