Executive Narcolepsy

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Executive Narcolepsy

Executive Narcolepsy

Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

You have developed a preternatural ability to catch up on sleep in tiny increments while extremely boring things are going on around you. This lets you rest at your campsite once per day without spending an Adventure.

+1 Free Rest per Day

Source: CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 2)
Price: 1000 CRIMBCO scrip
Class: N/A
Level: N/A

See Also

Handbook Skill Category Effect
Book4.gif Chapter 1 Fashionably Late Passive +1 adventure at rollover
Book4.gif Chapter 2 Executive Narcolepsy Passive +1 free campground rest per day
Book4.gif Chapter 3 Lunch Break Noncombat skill Summon 1 sack lunch per day
Book4.gif Chapter 4 Offensive Joke Combat skill Deals sleaze damage and delevels
Book4.gif Chapter 5 Managerial Manipulation Buff (others only) Grant another player Employee of the Month once per day.