Evil golden arches

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evil golden arches
evil golden arches

This is a pair of sinister golden arches. Who knows what manner of evil they will spawn?

Type: usable
Selling Price: 68 Meat.

(In-game plural: pairs of evil golden arches)
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Item number: 504
Description ID: 343439352
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Given to any character with Evil Golden Arches when they stopped being campground items


Wad.gif evil golden arch evil golden arch
Equals.gif evil golden arches

When Used

You place the arches on the ground, and pretend you're driving up to them. As you get near, a hidden speaker crackles to life.

"Bzzzt'k ch-zzzzzzzzz-[click] order?"

"Umm, I'll have..." you stammer in reply.

"Pl-zzzzzzz-[click] chhhh'k."

Some food materializes on the ground in front of the arches, and the arches disappear in a puff of fire and brimstone smell.

Burger.gifYou acquire some Brimstone Chicken Sandwiches
Burger.gifYou acquire some Double Bacon Beelzeburgers
Fries.gifYou acquire some Lords of the Flieses-sized fries
Drlucifer.gifYou acquire some Jumbo Dr. Lucifers


  • Grants you three random items of evil food on each use.


  • This item references the fast-food chain McDonald's, particularly their logo of two golden arches forming an "M".


  • On February 7, 2008, this item changed from a campground item to an inventory item. Players who had arches in their campgrounds saw the following message upon visiting their campground for the first time after the change:
For religious reasons, the evil golden arches is no longer a campsite item. You quickly grab yours and stuff it back into your sack before it ceases to exist.
Arches.gifYou acquire an item: evil golden arches


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