Evil Golden Arches

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Evil Golden Arches

Evil Golden Arches were a furnishing located at your Campground. As of February 8th, 2008, they have been changed into a usable item.


  • Formerly obtained by using evil golden arches.
  • "Use" your Evil Golden Arches and get a free evil food item!
  • Upon ascension, Evil Golden Arches were lost and had to be re-obtained in your next incarnation.
  • Children's Meal of the Damned was intended to drop here, but it's not implemented yet.

When "Used"

  • First use per day:
You place your order at the Evil Golden Arches. It appears at your feet in a puff of foul-smelling smoke.
Burger.gifYou acquire an item: Brimstone Chicken Sandwich


Burger.gifYou acquire an item: Double Bacon Beelzeburger


Drlucifer.gifYou acquire an item: Jumbo Dr. Lucifer


Fries.gifYou acquire an item: Lord of the Flies-sized fries
  • Subsequently:
You can only order food from the Arches once.
  • As of 2/8/2008, this item is no longer visible at the campground. Players who had arches in their campgrounds saw the following message upon visiting their campground for the first time after the change:
For religious reasons, the evil golden arches is no longer a campsite item. You quickly grab yours and stuff it back into your sack before it ceases to exist.
Arches.gifYou acquire an item: evil golden arches