Elbereth? Who's Elbereth?

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Elbereth? Who's Elbereth?
Elbereth? Who's Elbereth?

In one of the passages below the Enormous Greater-Than Sign, you find the decaying body of a hobo, who appears to have had his hat stolen... along with the top of his head, and the contents thereof.

Near the body, you find a broken penknife next to a bunch of little squiggles scratched into the wall. Looking more closely, you see that the squiggles are, in fact, hobo glyphs, and you flip open your binder to try and translate them.

As far as you can tell, they seem to say "What the heck is going on in this crazy place there's all letters everywhere and oh my god what is this lowercase h doing to my hea".

You jot down some notes in your binder.

Occurs in The Enormous Greater-Than Sign.



  • Elbereth is a special word in NetHack which, when written on the floor and stood upon, scares away most monsters; evidently, this hobo didn't realize this.
  • The lowercase h mentioned is a mind flayer, which likely sucked the poor hobo's brains out (thus abruptly interrupting the message).