Eight, Nine, Tenement

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Eight, Nine, Tenement
Eight, Nine, Tenement

You are in one of the larger tenements of the village. Piles of rubble litter the area, and piles of litter rub you the wrong way.

A tremendous number of rats has taken up residence here, chittering and scurrying every which way.

Nearly every wall is emblazoned with some of the most suggestive graffiti you've ever seen. This must've taken a lot of talent, combined with a lot of early childhood trauma.

Drive out the rats
You run around in circles among the rats, banging pans together and shouting "Get out of here, stupid rats! Go gnaw on some bones or something, you big dumb vermin!" The rats, their feelings hurt, scurry toward the castle.

(Fewer skeletons will appear in the castle now)

Paint over the graffiti
You grab a discarded can of spraypaint and cover the graffiti with different, slightly less offensive graffiti.

(No more Sleaze monsters will appear in the village)

Move bricks around
You spend a few hours moving bricks back and forth between two piles
You gain xx Beefiness.

You give this tenement a 1/10 before heading back the way you came.

(Leads to The Even More Dreadful Part of Town)

Occurs at The Even More Dreadful Part of Town in Dreadsylvanian Village.