EXtreme Trick-Turning

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eXtreme Trick-Turning
eXtreme Trick-Turning

You get on the chair lift to the top of the eXtreme Slope and find yourself next to a snowboarding frat boy who is jittering with nervous energy. "What's up, bra?" You ask, seizing the opportunity to practice your Frat Boy lingo.

"I'm so nervous, dude," he says. "I'm supposed to compete in the eXtreme Snowbarding Challenge today and I still can't pull off my signature trick. I keep trying to do a 1080 Extroverted Pickle Drip Half-Moon Bugbear, but it keeps coming out a 540 Bashful Tiger Unbleached Flower. Hey, I don't suppose you've got anything to take the edge off? Y'know, bra... the stuff the hippies have?"

You don't have any of whatever he's talking about, but you do remember a performance-enhancing spell you learned a while back. You cast it on the frat boy, and later watch him deliver a perfect 1080 Extroverted Pickle Drip Half-Moon Bugbear. You feel ambivalent about helping out a frat boy, but good about the magic practice.

You gain 15 Mysteriousness.

Occurs at The eXtreme Slope.