Dudes, Where's My Druids?

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Dudes, Where's My Druids?
Dudes, Where's My Druids?

You finally reach the campfire in the middle of all of the plants. It looks like the druids have gone home for the day, but they did leave a whole bunch of s'mores behind, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

(if a Mage's Hat is equipped) Through the heads-up display of your hat, you can see a source of powerful magic buried beneath the embers of the fire.

Take a s'more

Make a poisoned s'more [poisoned marshmallow]

You grab one of the s'mores and stuff your tainted marshmallow into it. Then you sit for an hour or so admiring your handiwork. Your G. E. M. beeps, reminding you not to get too full of yourself.

Smore.gifYou acquire an item: poisoned druidic s'more

Look under the fire

You reach into the burning embers and find a powerful magic orb. You marvel at it for nearly an hour, before your G. E. M. beeps, startling you out of your marvel.

Druidorb.gifYou acquire an item: druidic orb

Leave for now

You'll come back to this later.

Occurs at The Druidic Campsite.