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This is a lovingly detailed, miniature model of a cyborg collective hive. It has tiny plastic docking stations, implant insertion devices, and even tiny plastic feeding/excretion tubes.

Wait, I mean it has feeding tubes and also some excretion tubes. We can only hope they're not the same tube.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 116 Meat.

(In-game plural: dollhives)
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Item number: 3067
Description ID: 339696597
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Obtained From

sturdy Crimbo crate (0-1)


Dollhive.gif 3 squares of nanofiber cloth 4 LED blocks
Equals.gif dollhive

When Used

You open one of the hatches on the side of the dollhive, and shake all of its dystopian residents out before discarding the empty husk.
Fig2 13.gifYou acquire some tiny plastic figurines (series 2)


  • When used, gives you 3-4 random tiny plastic Series 2.


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