Doc Galaktik's Quest for Herbs

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Visit Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show, who is running short on ingredients for his medicines. After accepting the quest, you will be asked to gather 3 swindleblossoms, 3 fraudwort, and 3 shysterweed from The Overgrown Lot.




On initial visit:

Say, my friend -- you look like a hale and hardy Adventurer! I don't suppose you'd care to assist me with a little problem I've got?

On choosing "Problem?"

Problem indeed, my good friend! Here's the situation. I've run out of ingredients for some of my patent medicines, and I simply don't have the time to go out and gather them myself.

I'll need three sprigs of fraudwort, three bundles of shysterweed, and three swindleblossoms. Do you think you're up to the task?

On choosing "Sure, I'll go pick some flowers.":

Excellent news, excellent news, my friend. You can find those herbs right here in Seaside Town, in that overgrown lot over by the Sleazy Back Alley.

On choosing "I don't have time to pick flower rights now.":

Have it your way, kid! No skin off my back, no indeed. Instead of my problems, let's talk about yours, and how my line of patent medicines might be able to solve them for you as quick as a wink.

On subsequent visits:

Friend, I need 3 sprigs of fraudwort, 3 bundles of shysterweed, and 3 swindleblossom. You can get them right here in Seaside Town, in the Overgrown Lot on the Wrong Side of the Tracks.

On completion:

Thank you, my friend, thank you very much. In my hands, these herbs will advance our understanding of the science of human survival by at least a decade! As a token of my gratitude allow me to extend to you, and to you only, a 33% discount on all of my patent medicines.


  • In your completed quest log, this will say "You found some herbs for Doc Galaktik, and he rewarded you with a permanent discount on his patent medicines. Nifty!"
  • The discount is removed after ascending.


  • The three herbs which Doc Galaktik asks you to gather are named after words used to describe deception: fraud, swindle, and shyster.
  • There is a Dead Milkmen song that has the line "I'm on a quest for herb..."
  • "What's up, Doc?" is a phrase frequently used by the Looney Toons character Bugs Bunny.


  • This quest was changed on April 21, 2015. Previously, the quest could not be obtained until level 5 during one's first ascension and required obtaining the herbs from monsters found throughout the kingdom.