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Diagnostics is part of the Space Trip arcade game.

NAMBLA Skyripper
Crew: 30
Gas: 100 gal.
Money: 0 Crabs
Time Left: 52 weeks


Mark I Engine: Your ship can cruise the Alpha Quadrant in comfort and style with the fuel efficient, reliable, and quiet Mark I Engine.

Mark II Engine: With an FTL drive powered by Metric-to-Standard conversion errors, the Mark II Engine allows convenient access to the Beta Quadrant.

Mark III Engine: The entire galaxy is your oyster with the powerful Mark III Engine, combining nebular scramjet and solar spamjet technologies to deliver the finest FTL experience available.


Standard Planet Scanner: Your ship is equipped with a perfectly adequate planetary scanner, allowing you to discover a wide variety of perfectly adequate planets.

Digamatron Mineral Detector: Your ship is equipped with a specialized scanner for finding planets rich in minerals.

ALFScan G50 Lifeform Scanner: Your ship is equipped with a scanner tuned to the resonant frequencies of xenoorganic tissues, allowing you to seek out worlds rich in organic life.

Dr. Scientist™ Anomaly Scanner: Your ship's scanner is tuned to the emanations of ancient Procrastinator technology, making it more likely for you to find ancient planetary ruins.

Astrozorian Antenna: Your scanner's range and effectiveness are increased by a Space-Pringles-Can antenna fashioned by Astrozorian merchants

Astrozorian Headphones: Your scanner crew will undoubtedly find safer planets under the influence of the Astrozorians' relaxing music

Primary Weapon

Mark I Peashooter: The Peashooter is named for its projectiles -- garden-variety peas heated into tiny spheres of deadly plasma in an antimatter deep fryer.

Mark II Superdisintegrator: This powerful beam weapon rises to the occasions on which regular disintegration just isn't enough.

Mark III Masterblaster: You'll rule Bartertown, and every other town in the galaxy, with this extremely powerful beam weapon.

Secondary Weapon

Phlogiston Torpedo Launcher: The Phlogiston Corporation produces the finest explosive projectiles in the galaxy. When you think 'combustion in a vacuum,' think Phlogiston.

Defense Subsystems

Astrozorian Shield Generator: In addition to shimmering in a variety of pretty colors, your ship's Astrozorian Shield Generator reduces the crew casualties you sustain in ship-to-ship combat.

Quadritanium Hull Plating: Enemy weapons will do significantly less damage to you, as they will have to pass through all four of the taniums.


Scadian Codex: Your ship's computer contains a copy of the Scadian Codex, a comprehensive list of pop-culture references from the histories of every known culture in the galaxy.

Procrastinator Shaving Mirror: Your beam weapon focusing array has been augmented with a shaving mirror manufactured with incredible precision by the Procrastinators.

Procrastinator Towels: Your crew is kept safe and sound on planetary expeditions, wrapped in these fine, durable towels of Procrastinator manufacture.

Procrastinator Alarm Clock: You are in possession of an alarm clock used by the Procrastinators. Well, probably not used, but manufactured, at least.

The Omega Bomb: This bomb, built by the Murderbots, is capable of destroying an entire star system.

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