Cursed magnifying glass

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cursed magnifying glass
cursed magnifying glass

The world on the other side of this glass is darker than this one.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded

+13% Item Drops from Monsters
+13 Spooky Damage
Combat Initiative +13%
Reveals things you weren't meant to see

(In-game plural: cursed magnifying glasses)
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Item number: 10885
Description ID: 953755260
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Obtained From

mint condition magnifying glass


  • When equipped, gives two messages at the end of combat,
    a random generic one:
    A flash of black light glints off of your magnifying glass.
    Some movement on the other side of your magnifying glass startles you. You investigate, but don't find anything. Must've just been a slightly bigger version of the wind.
    You carefully search the area with your magnifying glass. The area seems slightly scarier than usual.
    You are startled by a giant ant, but it turns out to just be a regular ant that happened to crawl past the other side of your magnifying glass.
    You survey the scene through your magnifying glass. It looks like a scene, but bigger.
    followed by a countdown message:
    In the distance, an owl hoots 13 times. Give it a rest, Mr. Owl.
    You are startled by the cacophanous cawing of a bunch of crows. Probably exactly twelve crows, if you had to guess.
    A distant clock chimes 11, even though it is (probably) not 11 o'clock right now.
    A madman in the distance shrieks: "Ten! Only ten now! Hee hee!"
    Nine ravens burst from a nearby tree and take to the sky.
    Eight rats scurry out from behind a nearby bush, startling you.
    To your left, seven stray dogs fight over a scrap of carrion.
    A creepy-looking little girl walks up and whispers in your ear. "Six."
    You look at your left hand and notice, to your horror, that you have five fingers. Oh, wait, that's the normal number. Never mind.
    The bells of a distant cathedral ring four times. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong.
    Three wolves howl in the distance. You wonder what they're howling about. Probably just ordinary wolf stuff.
    You hear two black cats fighting somewhere nearby. At least you hope they're fighting.
    The hair on the back of your neck stands up. A feeling of impending dread overwhelms your senses.
  • The next encounter after the last countdown message is going to be one of the following monsters; each day the first 5 encountered (by any source) are free fights:
    void guy
    void slab
    void spider
  • The countdown and void encounters continue as normal when equipped on a Left-Hand Man.
  • The countdown is usually only decremented in combats which cost an adventure. Exceptions include:
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    Even a new life doesn't protect you from the curse of your magnifying glass.
    Cursedmag.gifYou acquire an item: cursed magnifying glass

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