Curse of Impotence

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Curse of Impotence

Curse of Impotence

You feel like you're really in over your head in this place.

-50% Damage vs. Bugbears
-50% Damage vs. Werewolves
-50% Damage vs. Zombies
-50 Damage vs. Ghosts
-50% Damage vs. Vampires
-50% Damage vs. Skeletons

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Effect number: 1307
Description ID: 99776ef490ed428ea5211d897d924986
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Obtained From

  • Starting combat with a spooky monster in Dreadsylvania, K-1 turns (where K is the number of kisses you'll receive at the end of combat).


  • This can reduce your physical damage below 0, if you are fighting a physically resistant monster such as a ghost.
    • To better explain it, unless you have some way to do additional damage to the ghost, you will heal them.


  • Prior to the September 24, 2013 update, this effect gave -50 Damage vs. Bugbears, -50 Damage vs. Werewolves, -50 Damage vs. Zombies, -50 Damage vs. Vampires, and -50 Damage vs. Skeletons in addition to the other.

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