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You're fighting The Crimbomination

The good news is that there aren't a bunch of mutant elves in the factory any more. The bad news is that they've all somehow fused together and mutated into this hulking monstrosity. It's got more arms than a munitions dump, more legs than a bucket full of centipedes, and more heads than... er... a thing with a whole bunch of heads. Every peek you sneak at this thing reveals more horrors: pincers, tentacles, sharp, jagged teeth, vestigial telemarketers...

Look, let's just say it makes H.P. Lovecraft's worst nightmare look like a kitten huggling a teddy bear, okay? Hit Message(s): Unknown Critical Hit Message: Unknown Miss Message(s):

You failed to hit the monster.

It wraps a tentacle around you and spins you like a top. You crash into Zeela12, a fellow adventurer, but are too dizzy to apologize. You lose 3,652 hit points.

As you're leaving the fray, you see a penguin whack one of the Crimbomination's tentacles with an umbrella, shouting, "take that! Take that, and that, and that, ya mook!"

Fumble Message: Unknown

Occurs at: Sweet Sassafrass, what is that thing?