Cosmic Ray's Bazaar

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Cosmic Ray's Bazaar

Cosmic Ray's Bazaar is located in the Kingdom of Exploathing.

Cosmic Ray Cosmic Ray

The world has exploded, but that's just, like, a market opportunity, man.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Soupbowl.gif space chowder Meatisotope.gif 5
Wine2.gif space wine Meatisotope.gif 5
Backcordion.gif antique accordion Meatisotope.gif 10
Spacetank.gif low-pressure oxygen tank Meatisotope.gif 10
Pill5.gif lucky-ish pill Meatisotope.gif 20
Signaljammer.gif signal jammer Meatisotope.gif 25
Invadershield.gif space shield Meatisotope.gif 25
Wand.gif Wand of Nagamar Meatisotope.gif 30
Pixelkey.gif digital key Pixel1.gif 30
Keya.gif Boris's key Loottoken.gif 1
Keyb.gif Jarlsberg's key Loottoken.gif 1
Keyc.gif Sneaky Pete's key Loottoken.gif 1
Meatisotope.gif rare Meat isotope Meat.gif 1000
You have:
Meatisotope.gif A rare Meat isotopes
Pixel1.gif B white pixels
Loottoken.gif C fat loot tokens