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You find yourself inside McMillicancuddy's barn with your back to a wall and a horde of ducks advancing on you.

Well, not so much advancing as milling around aimlessly, but getting closer to you, nonetheless.

You look around to see if there's anything nearby that might be of use. Within your reach, you can see a pitchfork, a cowbell, and a coil of barbed wire.

Grab the pitchfork and wave it around

You grab the pitchfork and wave it around like a madman. The horde of ducks looks at you with puzzlement, and then collectively decides that they'd rather wander off to the granary and gorge themselves on Farmer McMillicancuddy's corn than stand here watching you wave that stupid pitchfork around.

(Opens The Granary for adventuring.)

Bang on the cowbell

You bang on the cowbell for a while. The horde of ducks is so fed up with that stupid, stupid reference that they decide that you're not even worth eating, and wander out toward the bog, instead.

You hear some gurgling sounds followed by some angry honking. That... probably doesn't bode well.

(Opens The Bog for adventuring.)

Make a fence out of the barbed wire

You wrap yourself in a barbed-wire cocoon and sit in the corner, rocking back and forth and muttering to yourself, until the ducks get bored and decide to head off to the pond for a swim.

(Opens The Pond for adventuring.)

Occurs at McMillicancuddy's Barn (one-time adventure).


  • You can only open one of the three areas.
  • If you are following the "shortcut" to Defowl the Farm, the correct choice at this adventure is "Make a fence out of the barbed wire".


  • "That stupid, stupid reference" in the "Bang on the cowbell" option is to a sketch on Saturday Night Live, commonly referred to as "More Cowbell", in which Will Ferrell plays Gene Frenkle, a fictional cowbell player for the real Blue Oyster Cult song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper".