Confusing Buttons

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How it changes from one HH to another; exact trigger for Pikachu HH

Confusing Buttons
Confusing Buttons

This room is empty except for a strange altar in the center, in a pool of diffuse white light coming from the ceiling.

You approach it, and see that the top is covered with a grid of featureless square buttons. What a terrible user interface. Clearly the people who built this temple never read any Donald Norman.

Press a button at random

You press a button at random. There is a loud grinding noise somewhere above you, and dust begins to fall from the ceiling. Before it even hits the ground, though, the beam of light above the altar grows in intensity until it simultaneously engulfs and blinds you. When your vision comes back, you find yourself back outside the temple.

Occurs at the Hidden Temple after going down the stairs in any of The Hidden Heart of the Hidden Temple without the Nostril of the Serpent.



  • Donald Norman is a researcher and speaker on the topic of user interface design, most famous for his book, The Design of Everyday Things, in which he discusses many real-life objects with interfaces that look sadly similar to the adventure image.