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The following is a list of links to pages that expand or contribute to the Kingdom of Loathing community.

*Community of Loathing

A gallery of photos of Kingdom of Loathing players.Pyphor let the domain expire in 2020. Some players use Google Drive to show their ugly mugs by a URL in their profile (i.e: djve)
Discuss all aspects of KoL with other players, find other KoL players in your area, find out about nearby player gatherings, and much more.

*Kingdom of Loathing Players Community

A KoL player community blog, hosted via LiveJournal. Nothing since 2011.
A very detailed search engine that you can use to look up players’ ascension records.
The official Coldfront mall-tracking application.
Stalking TPTB ... on Facebook.
Up-to-date game announcements and dumb jokes from the staff.
The unofficial radio station of /c games.

*Radio KoL

The official unofficial radio station of the Kingdom of Loathing. Lack of DJs caused this to stop, but the in-game chat channel is still live. As of 2021 redirects to a dubious on-line casino.
A subreddit for KoL players.
A searchable collection of KoL collections.
A Consumer is You! Get all of your KoL merchandise here. Hosted by Topatoco.

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