Columbus Day

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Columbus Day has so far been only celebrated once in the kingdom, but its content was one of the most enjoyable story arcs to date. It is not known if there will be future Columbus Day events, nor what potential content they might hold.


Special Items

On Columbus Day I:



Although Columbus Day 2005 technically fell on October 10, 2005, some players in the kingdom received the following kmail from Cristobal Colon on October 11, 2005:

From Cristobal Colon (#1492)
Date: $date

Hail there, fellow Adventurer!

I am a traveller from Distant Lands, and landed on the shores of your
Kingdom just yesterday. Sadly, I've met with a cold reception thus far.
Your Kingdom seems to be overrun with brutes!

I offer you this gift as a sign of my goodwill and desire to coexist
peacefully with you and your kin. I hope that it will help warm you in the
cold Loathing nights.

Fare thee well!

Blanket.gifYou acquire an item: comfy blanket

It is believed that using the comfy blanket caused your character to contract a communicable disease. This disease, known as The Gray Plague, ran rampant in the kingdom until it was finally removed via an inoculation program by the Council of Loathing.