Code Red

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Code Red
Code Red

Near the Knob, you encounter one of those sleeping guards you keep seeing everywhere. You're about to attack him, but then you notice that he's got a cool-looking insignia sewn onto his pants, and realize that he must be some sort of high-ranking officer.

Marveling at the discipline of the Knob army, you decide to rifle through his pockets to see if he's carrying anything important. And sure enough, you find what appears to be an important code document folded up in his back pocket.

Page.gifYou acquire an item: Knob Goblin encryption key

Occurs at Outskirts of Cobb's Knob



  • A Code Red is army slang for extrajudicial punishment.
  • The adventure title is a reference to the film A Few Good Men, where a "Code Red" was ordered upon a mis-behaving soldier by his commanders. The discipline of the army leads to the order being fulfilled without question, and the punishment inflicted upon the soldier leads to his death. The film centers around who is to blame for the death - the soldiers who inflicted the Code Red, or the officers who ordered it.