Cobb's Knob

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For the Bounty Hunter Hunter assignments, see the zones Outskirts of Cobb's Knob (bloodstained briquette), Treasury (bundle of receipts), and Laboratory (broken petri dish).
Outskirts of Cobb's KnobCobb's Knob BarracksKitchensHaremTreasuryCobb's Knob LaboratoriesThrone RoomWholeknob 1 0.gif

Cobb's Knob lies in the Nearby Plains. At first, you can only adventure in the Outskirts of Cobb's Knob, but once you receive the The King of Cobb's Knob Quest at level 5 and decrypt the Cobb's Knob map, you can go inside the Knob, where you will find the following locations:

"The door to the Cobb's Knob Laboratories is locked, and you don't have the key."
As you enter Cobb's Knob, you note that the goblins are rushing around very busily, though not in as much of a panic as you might expect considering that their king was recently assassinated.
Then you spot a goblin with a large bolt of blue-green fabric and a tape measure, being stopped outside the Throne Room. "Halt," says the guard. "State your business."
"Royal decorator," sighs the goblin. "The new king decreed that he doesn't like the greenish-blue curtains, and wants them replaced with blueish-green ones."
"Very well, you may proceed."
Well, that didn't take long. The Goblin King must've had a son, or something? You try to remember how succession of kings usually works; being immortal, it wasn't ever something you needed to deal with yourself. …Although, now that you think of it, even if you hadn't been immortal, you wouldn't have had to deal with it yourself.
Hmm. Maybe this new king can tell you something about the adventurer you're looking for. If you can get past the guard, that is.


  • Cobb's Knob got a makeover on February 15, 2011. The old Cobb's Knob looked like this:
Knob1a.gif Knob2a.gif Knob3.gif
Knob4.gif Knob5.gif Knob6.gif
Knob7.gif Knob8.gif Knob9.gif


  • Knob goblin may be a play on the term "hobgoblin," but knob gobblin' is more likely a blow job (NSFW) reference.
  • The November 15, 1992, edition of The New York Times contained a hoax list of slang terms, supposedly used by the then-rising grunge music scene, called "grunge speak." One of the terms on the list was "cob nobbler," which supposedly meant a loser.
  • Cobb's Knob is also featured in the fifth level of the Asymmetric Publications game Krakrox the Barbarian.