Chilled to the Bone

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Chilled to the Bone

Chilled to the Bone

Your whole body is stiff with cold. Everything is hard. To do, and the opposite of soft.

Enemies get X extra attack(s) against you per round
+Y MP to use Skills

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Effect number: 1277
Description ID: 8b1a1c598f840f75834b9e525f55fdae
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvania, from Cold monsters when at least one element has been banished in that specific area.


  • This effect cannot be removed through normal means, but can be removed by hot Dreadsylvanian cocoa.
  • X (number of extra attacks) is the number of banished elements in the zone where you (most recently) received this effect.
  • Y (MP cost penalty for skills) is 3X.
  • If the enemy is under the effect of a multi-round stun, it does not gain extra attempts at removing its stun effect.
  • If you gain this effect in one Dreadsylvanian zone, and then gain extra turns in a different zone, X and Y will be set to the new zone's values for all remaining turns of the effect.

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