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Starting in 2008, CDMoyer began implementing extensive chat commands for in-game actions. The much of the documentation listed here is taken from CDMoyer's forum posts on the subject.

Multiple game commands can be strung together using "&&" (for example "/cook plain pizza && /eat plain pizza"), which will execute those operations in order. They can also be placed into macros, as described in Chat Guide: Commands.

Fuzzy matching

These commands use fuzzy matching to identify the items, outfits, skills, and other things you want to use. This means the commands will attempt to accept partial names and even initials (i.e. "bor" for "bottle of rum"). Matching the start of a phrase or an exact acronym takes precedence over containing a phrase.

All (or nearly all) of the gameplay chat commands support an "interrogation mode" which lets you test what the fuzzy matching will match. Simply add a question mark (?) directly to the command, for example: "/eat? pp".

Crafting commands

Usage: [number] [item]
/cook 3 plain pizza
/mix roll in the hay

[number] is optional, and if it is omitted, 1 item will be crafted. [item] must be the name, partial name or initials of an item in your discovery list for that crafting discipline. Be careful, play around with it before you decide to cook 500 of something and find out that the fuzzy matching matched something you didn't intend. Keep in mind, the matching is based on the discovery list of your current character! (If multiple items are determined to be equally good matches, through magic, it will give you a list and tell you to be more specific.)

These commands will trigger crafting, as though you clicked the one-click crafting link inside of the crafting section. This means that they will use turns as normal, fail if you don't have the ingredients and other sane things.

Equipment commands

Usage: /outfit [name or ID of a normal outfit]
  • This will equip a normal outfit by name or ID number or custom outfit by name.
  • Using "/outfit last" or "/outfit prev" will equip "Your Previous Outfit" (unless you have custom outfits named that way, which will take precedence).
Usage: /outfit c: [ID of a custom outfit]
  • This will equip one of your custom outfits by number rather than name.
Usage: /equip [slot] [item]
  • This puts the selected item into that slot of your equipment. (Slots include things like Hat, Shirt, Weapon, Offhand, Accessory1, etc.)
Usage: /equip [slot]
  • Take off the item you have equipped in the specified slot.

Item use commands

Usage: /eat [name of Food/Drink]
  • This will consume 1 of the specified food/drink.
Usage: /drink [booze]
  • This consumes 1 of the specified booze.
Usage: /use [number] [consumable item]
Example: /use 5 twinkly wad
  • This will use the specified number of the selected consumable item, i.e. spleen items and potions. The number is optional; if it is left out the command defaults to 1.
  • The command also supports * as a quantity, meaning "use all."

Effects and skills

Usage: /cast [number] [skill]
Example: /cast 5 leash
  • This will cause you to cast the selected skill the specified number of times. The number is optional; if it is left out the command defaults to 1.
  • The command also supports * as a quantity, meaning "cast as many as I can with my current MP."
Usage: /shrug [effect]
  • Remove an effect. If it is a buff, it will be removed.
  • If you wish to use a soft green echo eyedrop antidote potion, you must use the exclamatory form of the commands: /uneffect! or /shrug!
Usage: /aa [Combat Skill]
  • This will change your current auto-attack to the designated skill. You can use a partial name, and the game will try to figure out which skill you're trying to set.
  • /aa None or /aa disabled will toggle auto-attack off.

Other commands

Usage: /familiar [familiar name or type]
/familiar spooky gravy fairy
/familiar my familiar name
  • Take the chosen familiar out of your terrarium.
Usage: /go [somewhere]
Example: /go desert beach
  • There's a variety of things that somewhere can match, and this will redirect your main window to that place.
Usage: /notes [text]
  • Adds a line to the bottom of the notes section of your Quest Log.
Usage: /redeem [code]
  • Awards a special item given a special code. Special items include KoL Con 3-D Glasses, styrofoam peanuts, and a superhero mask.
  • Typing an incorrect code generates a green message stating "Invalid code.".
  • Trying codes rapidly after receiving the "Invalid code" message generates a green message stating "Not so fast.", most likely to prevent brute force from earning players items.
  • On 22 July 2006, at approximately 22:55 Pacific Daylight Time, Xenophobe issued the following system message in chat:
  • In general, we'd prefer if you didn't trade for redeem codes. However, if you do, know that there's no secure way to trade for them, and you can be scammed, and we won't have your back.
Chat Guide
Basics | Chat Commands | Game Commands | Channels | Miscellaneous