Cerebral Cloche

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Cerebral Cloche
Cerebral Cloche

This is a bell-shaped hat with a narrow brim, crocheted from the very fabric of thought, which is woven from the threads of ideas. For something so intriguingly pan-dimensional, it's awfully pink and squiggly. A pom-pom on the top holds a bit of ethereal wire which suspends a jellyfish in front of your face. Why? No one can say.

Type: hat
Power: 90
Moxie Required: 30
Outfit: Encephalic Ensemble
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 100 Meat.

Jellyfish Vision
Maximum MP +15

(In-game plural: Cerebral Cloches)
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Item number: 1615
Description ID: 845589896
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Obtained From

Bad Trip
Violet Fog
The Big Scary Place (Headgear)
Mediocre Trip
Violet Fog
The Big Scary Place (Headgear)
Great Trip
Violet Fog
The Big Scary Place (Headgear)


  • Jellyfish Vision causes all enemies to appear as a jellyfish, rather than their normal picture.
Jellyfish Vision
  • Curiously, players under the effects of both Jellyfish Vision and Temporary Blindness are able to see enemies' normal names and attack messages, but item drops still appear as "...something."


  • Jellyfish Vision was most likely taken from this installment of the SUPER MEGA web comic.
  • The phrase "pan-dimensional" is used frequently in the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series.

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