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Yoyos are 1-handed ranged weapons.

Yoyo-Specific Hit Messages:

You do an over-the-shoulder with your lead yo-yo, barely missing your shoulderblade before hitting <it> for X damage. BARF! ZOT! BAM!
You let fly with the lead yo-yo, doing a quick around-the-world (around the world, around the world) for X damage. BIFF! BAM! BAM!
You shoot-the-moon with your lead yo-yo, hitting <it> for X damage. BOOF! SPLAT! ZOT!
You shred <it> like a red-head shreds a cello, ma. You do X damage. KERBLAM! BIFF! POW!


  • The "around the world" and "shoot-the-moon" attack messages both refer to classic yo-yo tricks.
  • The "around the world" attack text also contains a reference to the Daft Punk song "Around the World", the lyrics of which consist solely of the phrase "Around the world" repeated over and over.
  • The reference to the "redhead shredding the cello" in the attack message is a clear reference to the song "El Scorcho" by the band Weezer.
  • The mention of "cello, ma" is a pun on the name of the famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.

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