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Drums are ranged weapons.

Drum-Specific Hit Messages:

You bang on your <drum>, creating a shockwave that knocks <it> on his ass and deals X damage. BIFF! WHAMMO! ZOT!
You beat the <drum> ominously. <It> gets nervous, and suffers X damage worth of heebie-jeebies. BOOF! POW! ZOT!
You play the <drum> for a while, then get bored and throw it at your opponent, dealing X damage. BOINK! SPLAT! SPLAT!
You yell as loudly as you can while playing the <drum> even louder. Your opponent cringes, suffering X damage from the auditory assault. KERBLAM! ZOT! WHAMMO!
You play an epic solo on the <drum>. Your opponent is impressed, to the tune of X damage. SMACK! WHAMMO! KERBLAM!
You bang on the drum all day, doing X damage with your sound waves. Well, it beats working. BOINK! BOINK! BARF!


  • The "You bang on the drum all day" message is a reference to the Todd Rundgren song that begins "I don't want to work, I want to bang on the drum all day."


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