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Monster ID 1688
Locations A Crowd of Adventurers
Hit Points 0
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 0
Meat unknown
Phylum dude
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts unknown
Manuel disposable lighter
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Burnglar You're fighting a Burnglar

You approach a lanky woman in a long, dark-gray overcoat, and she looks up from the cigarette lighter she's toying with to give you a sidelong glance. "What do you want?" she asks in a low voice.

"Er, just making conversation. Are you here for the Hottest Adventurer contest too?"

Ignoring the question, she tosses you a wallet. "This is yours."

"Huh? Hey, it is! Did you --"

"Your hair's on fire."


Hit Message(s):

She doesn't want to set the world on fire, she just wants to start a flame on your <elbow>. As demonstrated thusly: (hot damage)

She lights your <kidney> on fire, then helpfully stomps it out for you. Ooh! Ooh! Eek! (hot damage)

She lights one of her gloves on fire, and puts it out on your <nipple>. Eek! Ow! Ow! (hot damage)

Critical Hit Message:

She smashes you with your own weapon. When did she get that?? And why is it on fire?? Ooh! Eek! Eek! (hot damage)

Miss Message(s):

She starts to light one of her gloves on fire to punch you with, then has second thoughts about that plan.

There is so much stuff she wants to set on fire, she suffers a moment of analysis paralysis.

She starts to light your <knee> on fire, but has to refill her lighter again.

Fumble Message:

not known

Special Move(s):

Her shapeless gray coat makes her difficult to track accurately in all this smoke, and your attack misses.

After Combat

You gain ~40-50? <substat>.

Occurs at A Crowd of Adventurers (Hottest Adventurer contest) in The Naughty Sorceress' Tower.