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BoozerBear (#4576) was the highest-level player in the Kingdom before ascension went into testing; he is widely known for his bugfinding skills, his proximity to Jick and his ability to almost completely control the overarching trends of mall prices. Before ascending and moving to the development server, he had the highest moxie, highest mysticality, second-highest muscle, and the highest stat sum in the game.

He possesses four custom avatars, a custom item, seven Bugfinder Blades, seven Bigger Bugfinder Blades, and billions of meat. He also retains one of the steaming evils (which he hacked from the server and sold in his store for a billion meat each in coordination with Jick to funnel bugmeat out of the game) in his display case.

In January 2005, KolMohDee and Meggery interviewed BoozerBear on Radio KoL. A recording of the interview can be found here.

Past and Present Custom Avatars

BoozerBear's First Custom Avatar BoozerBear's Second Custom Avatar BoozerBear's Third Custom Avatar BoozerBear's Fourth Custom Avatar

  • The Native American avatar appeared on October 11, 2005, when BoozerBear began to collect the scalps of the White Devils in his Display Case to protest Jick's sick celebration of the genocide of the Native American people via the disease-ridden comfy blanket. The related discussion can be found here.