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Boozerbear was the highest-level player in the kingdom before ascension went into testing, he was widely known for his bugfinding skills, his proximity to Jick and his ability to almost completely control the overarching trends of mall prices. Before ascending (and moving to the development server) he had the highest moxie, highest mysticality and second-highest muscle as well as the highest stat sum in the game. Even now he has only been outstripped in level by The Bub who concentrates only on his muscle.

He is in posession of two custom avatars, a custom item, a Bugfinder Blade, a Bigger Bugfinder Blade, billions of meat and he likely retains one of the steaming evils which were exclusively created to be sold from his store.

For the last couple of months he has not been interacting with the rest of the game as he is part of ascension testing.

In January of 2005, KoLMohDee and Meggery interviewed Boozerbear on Radio KoL. A recording of the interview can be found on Coldfront.