Boosty Juice

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Boosty Juice
Boosty Juice

This is a can of Boosty Juice™ brand energy drink. According to the label, it's only 1% juice, but it's the juice of a fruit that has 400 times the caffeine content of coffee. The label also says "This item cannot be used in Ronin or Hardcore."

Type: potion
Effect: Juicy Boost (300 Adventures)Maximum HP +30
Maximum MP +30
+100% to all Muscle Gains
+100% to all Mysticality Gains
+100% to all Moxie Gains

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: cans of Boosty Juice)
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Item number: 7984
Description ID: 559310939
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Obtained From

Mr. Store (1 Uncle Buck)

When Used

  • When used in Ronin or Hardcore:
You can't use this item in Ronin or Hardcore. Didn't you read the label?
  • Otherwise:
You quaff the juice and are blessed with the boon of a boost.
Boostyjuice.gifYou acquire an effect: Juicy Boost
(duration: 300 Adventures)


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