Biomechanical crimborg leg armor

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biomechanical crimborg leg armor
biomechanical crimborg leg armor

This is a combination of exoskeleton, leg armor, and naughty-bits-cover-upper. It's bulletproof, shockproof, fireproof, 50 proof, and rampaging-lemur-proof. I guess they had to cover all the bases, or something. Usually these things come in either red or blue, but this one's painted a festive red and green.

Type: pants
Power: 150
Moxie Required: 60
Outfit: Crimborg Assault Armor
  (3 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

+5 Hot Damage
+5 Stench Damage

(In-game plural: biomechanical crimborg leg armors)
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Item number: 3090
Description ID: 966481569
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Obtained From

General Assembly Module with a polymorphic fastening apparatus, a hi-density nylocite leg armor, and a silicon-infused gluteal shield in your inventory after having already constructed the C.B.F.G.


  • Originally, this was 0-power with no enchantments, but the pants were fixed the next day.
  • Same as the C.B.F.G., anybody who was wearing this item before its update and did not have a high enough Moxie were still able to equip it.


  • The Part of the description "50 proof" is simply a joke playing off of the labeling used on alcohol, where 50 proof would be equal to 25% alcohol content.
  • The line about the armor typically being either Red or Blue is a nod towards the many team based FPSes where players are divided into red and blue teams.
  • In combat, the plus elemental damage (red and green) is a reference to Christmas Colors.

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