Below the Roots

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Below the Roots
Below the Roots

You are in an elaborate system of caves beneath the Dreadsylvanian Woods. A maze of twisty passages, all dark and dank.

Warm air billows out of a nearby tunnel. Foul-smelling air billows out of a different nearby tunnel. And cool air billows out of a third tunnel, this one slightly further away. What an eclectic selection of drafts!

Will you follow any of the airs, or err on the side of caution and take your leave?

Go toward the heat
You head down the warm tunnel, which quickly becomes a hot tunnel, after which it becomes a baking tunnel.

If you've already explored any tunnel in this instance:

A rumbling as you approach the tunnel gives you pause. Then a warning in fiery letters: "KEEP OUT, DEFILER" gives you the excuse you need to not go down that particular tunnel.

Go toward the cold
There is an eerie silence as you traverse the tunnel, as though your footsteps were too scared to make a sound.

If you've already explored any tunnel in this instance:

You head toward the tunnel, but a voice screams inside your head. "NO! NO MORE! LEAVE THIS PLACE!" Your therapist keeps telling you to ignore the voices in your head, but in this case you think she'd probably want you to make an exception.

Go toward the smelly
You step through brackish puddles and get where you're going.

If you've already explored any tunnel in this instance:

As you approach the stinky hole in the ground, a burbling whisper emerges from a foul-smelling puddle. "Off with you -pfft-, then. -pfffft-"
It's pretty gross. You decide you probably shouldn't go there.

Use a ghost pencil
You stick the ghost pencil into your head and annotate your mental map of the area. You'll be able to find your way back here really easily now.

Go back the way you came
Nothing good ever happens underground, that's what you always say. You head back to the surface.

Occurs at Dreadsylvanian Woods.


  • Choosing to go back the way you came does not consume an adventure.


May be a reference to the 1985 video game Below the Root which is based on the Green Sky Trilogy by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.