Being Picky

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Being Picky

An old man in medieval armor sits in front of a selection of cups your skills and familiars, and encourages you to choose wisely.

"You may take three familiars and eleven skills on your journey."

You may pick 3 more familiars.
<list of familiars>
You may pick 11 more skills.
<list of skills>
I Am Done Picking
Picked Familiars Picked Skills
<list of selected familiars> <list of selected skills>

  • After picking the 11th skill:
You are too picky to choose more than 11 skills.
  • Warning message after clicking I Am Done Picking:
You will not be able to return to this place. Click OK if you can not or do not want to pick any more.
  • Message when leaving :
"You have chosen... wisely," says the old man. You sure hope he's right.

Occurs at the start of a Picky challenge path.


  • You can exit this noncombat without picking a single familiar. In that case you will be able to pass the Perplexing Door without any active familiar.