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This is a hive filled with angry (but currently sleeping) bees. It must be popular -- it's generating a whole lot of buzz!

Type: combat item (reusable)
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Full of bees!

(In-game plural: beehives)
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Item number: 7969
Description ID: 905003610
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Obtained From

The Black Forest
Bee Rewarded

When Used

You hurl the beehive to the ground in front of the wall of skin. It ruptures, sending hundreds of angry bees flying in every direction. The ones that don't immediately sting the wall bounce off of the walls and sting it a second later.

The entire wall fattens with welts, swelling larger and larger until finally it explodes in a shower of blood, fat, and histamines.

"That," laughs Frank, "was somethin' else."

  • Against other monsters:
You shake the beehive in your opponent's direction. An angry bee flies out and stings him for 8-10 damage.

It is followed by another bee, which stings him for 8-10 damage.

A third bee follows suit, stinging for 8-10 damage.

Your opponent is momentarily too busy swatting away bees to attack you.


  • Used to defeat the wall of skin.
  • Staggers when the "too busy" message is seen (only on the first use of it in a fight).
  • Not consumed on use (except against the wall of skin).
  • Despite being G-less, is usable in.a G-Lover run.

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