Bait and Switch

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Bait and Switch
Bait and Switch

You sneak into a nearby yurt and see a young hippy cadet who's supposed to be guarding several boxes full of ferret bait. Something tells you that he's not doing a very good job, though, and that something is the loud snoring coming from under his filthy knitted dread sack. Several possible courses of action rush through your head. "Tie hamsters to balloons and send them around the world as messengers of peace and love" sounds fun, but impractical, so you focus on the following three:

Take the bait and go wreak havoc
Bonding with War

The majestic frat boys have given you a licence to kill, and you're on their majesty's secret service. You want to scare the living daylights out of some hippies. You climb up one of the yurts and perch on the roof. If the hippies find you, they'll kill you -- but you'll die another day, because tonight you're going to live and let die. You think briefly of your old lover, a spy who loved you, who came from Russia with love. But then you shake your head to clear it -- you can think about that tomorrow, because tomorrow never dies.

The full moons rise over the hippy camp, the light from the moons raking everything with golden light. You reach into your pocket with a gold finger, aim with your golden eye, and let fly with a double handful of ferret bait. The ferrets sweep down from the sky like a ball of thunder, turning the hippy camp into a casino royale, where the ante is blood and the house always wins.

You climb down from the yurt, breathing heavily at the workout. Do you need to see a doctor? No. After all, you've lived once, and you're allowed to do it exactly one more time.

Also, Octopussy.

You gain 50 Beefiness.

Gaffle some bait for later

You grab a double-handful of the ferret bait, check to make sure your pockets aren't full of ferrets, then shove the bait in your pockets. You check to make sure the bait hasn't caused your pockets to fill up with ferrets in the last few seconds, then head off (and you should probably talk to a psychiatrist about your irrational fear of having pockets full of ferrets).

Ferretbait.gifYou acquire 2-5 handfuls of ferret bait

Wake the cadet up and fight him
War Hippy (space) cadet This monster is a Hippy -- (edit metadata)

Occurs at The Hippy Camp (Verge of War)


Island6.gif The Hippy Camp (Verge of War) Choice Adventures
Bait and Switch   Blockin' Out the Scenery   The Thin Tie-Dyed Line
Take the bait and go wreak havoc gain 50 Beefiness The Chill-Out Yurt gain 50 Magicalness The Munitions Yurt 2-5 water pipe bombs
Gaffle some bait for later 2-5 handfuls of ferret bait The Rations Yurt cruelty-free wine, handful of walnuts, Genalen™ Bottle, mixed wildflower greens, thistle wine The Rations Yurt gain 50 Sarcasm
Wake the cadet up and fight him fight a War Hippy (space) cadet (The Lookout Tower / The H.A.S.H. Yurt) (start the war / nothing) The Barracks Yurt Fight a War Hippy drill sergeant