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Confirm triggers for BM adventures.
Bad Moon

Bad Moon is a special type of Hardcore ascension introduced with the rollout of NS13. Players who have met the qualifications of a Bad Moon lead-in run or have permanently unlocked the path can select it as a moon sign option in The Bureau of Reincarnation in Valhalla. The path is recorded as a moon sign on players' character sheets and ascension histories.

While in a Bad Moon run, in addition to the standard Hardcore restrictions, players cannot access any previously acquired permanent skills, must re-earn familiars, and will encounter numerous "unlucky" special adventures. Additionally, Hey Deze is unlocked.

Qualifying for Bad Moon

In order to access Bad Moon, the previous run must have been Hardcore within NS13 (any path except Grey Goo), and the player must not have encountered any of the special Lucky Adventures (via the Lucky! intrinsic) before freeing the king.

Lucky! use is not believed to be restricted in any way after freeing the king.

Once in a Bad Moon run, there is a method to permanently unlock the Bad Moon sign, but this has to be planned from the very beginning of the run.

During Bad Moon

During the Bad Moon run, previously acquired permanent skills are not accessible, and the player begins without a terrarium, requiring all desired familiars to be re-earned. In addition, various "unlucky" things will happen to the adventurer in certain places during the run.

The general theme in Bad Moon is one of "give-and-take." The Brimstone rewards all have negative effects to balance the positive. The unique skills acquired during Bad Moon runs also have positive and negative effects. The special "Bad Moon only" adventures also have a good and bad effect. This results in having a sudden new weakness and strength for a few turns after getting hit with one of the new effects, making for a very different gameplay experience.

Readers may also wish to look over Bad Moon Strategy.



Aside from the lack of previously acquired skills and familiars, there are several other restrictions that make Bad Moon a "level playing field." Most of these restrictions are not removed after freeing the king.


Your past lives still have some effect:

  • Demon names found in prior ascensions can be used in the Summoning Chamber.
  • Your Pool Skill is still affected by A Shark's Chum encounters from previous ascensions.
  • Previously-learned recipes (such as the recipe for White chocolate chip brownies) are still usable.
  • The gifts and packages in The Gift Shop earned by multiple ascensions are accessible.
  • Baron von Ratsworth seems to count your ascension history to scale up (needs confirmation).
  • Arrrbor Day is treated as normal. This means you can get a reward that you earned in a previous run.
  • Monster Manuel reveals monster stats for monsters with at least one factoid unlocked, and certain monsters with all three factoids unlocked may drop avatar-changing potions, which can be autosold for 5 Meat.
  • World's Best Adventurer sash works as normal, scaling to capped number of ascensions.

Broken items and locations

Some items (and shops, locations, etc.) are available in Bad Moon, although they probably shouldn't be. Standard restrictions do not apply to them either. As of January 2024, the following exceptions to the rules are known:


Some things replaced the need for clovers:

Hey Deze

Bad Moon, like other moon signs, allows access to a sign-only area, in this case Hey Deze. The Hey Deze page provides more in-depth information.

Special Adventures

Many areas contain an additional adventure in Bad Moon. These special adventures will occur only once per run, and some will only occur after certain conditions are met. These special adventures are all superlikely, once their prerequisites are met.

In addition to these adventures, the Lemon Party Slot is also changed. It will sometimes drop additional big rocks without requiring any clovers.

The special adventures will still occur even after the prism is broken and after you've recalled your skills and familiars.

Location Pre-condition Adventure Reward Result
Seaside Town
The Haunted Bathroom None You Look Flushed Footprints.gif
Your #1 Problem
(10 Adv)
The Haunted Conservatory None The Placebo Defect Sprout.gif
potato sprout
Lose 75%(?) HP
Lose 75%(?) MP
The Haunted Kitchen None If You Smell Something Burning, It's My Heart Heartrock.gif
Burning Heart
(10 Adv)
The Haunted Pantry Opened Spookyraven Manor Pantry Raid! Cocobra.gif
Enhanced Archaeologist
(10 Adv)
The Sleazy Back Alley None Sandwiched in the Club Watch.gif
Chronologically Pummeled
(10 Adv)
The Big Mountains
The Icy Peak None The Big Chill Iceberglet.gif
Hyperbolic Hypothermia
(10 Adv)
Noob Cave None (Occurs on first adventure) Surprising!

Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium
black kitten

Gain 14 Drunkenness.
The Valley of Rof L'm Fao Received facsimile dictionary Mistaken Identity, LOL Hoppeddown.gif
Scared Stiff
(10 Adv)
The Nearby Plains
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob Spent 11 turns in the zone O Goblin, Where Art Thou? Cuffs.gif
(10 Adv)
Cobb's Knob Kitchens ? KELF! I Need Somebody! Houseelf.gif
Scent of a Kitchen Elf
(10 Adv)
Cobb's Knob Laboratory ? Shall We Dance Virus.gif
The Vitus Virus
(10 Adv)
Cobb's Knob Treasury None It's So Heavy Reindeer.gif
Animal Exploiter
(10 Adv)
Cobb's Knob Harem Slay the Goblin King On The Whole, the Bark is Better Teeth.gif
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
(10 Adv)
The Bat Hole Entrance Opened The Boss Bat's Lair Onna Stick Angry.gif
Affronted Decency
(10 Adv)
3,000 Meat
Guano Junction None Oh Guanoes! Guano.gif
(10 Adv)
Beanbat Chamber Opened The Beanstalk Elementally, My Deal Watson Batwing.gif
(10 Adv)
  • Slight Resistance to All Elements
  • All Attributes -10%
The Unquiet Garves None What Do We Want? Realbrain.gif
(10 Adv)
The VERY Unquiet Garves None When Do We Want It? Realbrain.gif
(10 Adv)
The Degrassi Knoll Garage Returned the bitchin' meatcar to the guild. Flowers For (Familiar Name) Duncecap.gif
(10 Adv)
2,000 Meat
Lose 44-100%? MP
Tower Ruins None Mind the Fine Print Goofballs.gif
Side Affectation
(10 Adv)
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship Opened The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky Obligatory Mascot Cameo Stuffcocoa.gif
(10 Adv)
The Hole in the Sky Made Richard's star key Pot Jacked Bacon.gif
(10 Adv)
Inside the Palindome Defeating Dr. Awkward Strategy: Get Arts Hand2.gif
Paw swap
(10 Adv)
The Distant Woods
Pandamonium Slums Obtained Steel Margarita Oil Be Seeing You Slimed.gif
(10 Adv)
The Spooky Forest Obtained terrarium. This Doesn't Look Like Candy Mountain Kidney.gif
Missing Kidney
(∞ Adv)
1,000 Meat
  • No negative effect.
The Spooky Forest Opened The Hidden Temple That's My Favorite Kind of Contraption Axegash.gif
Dang Near Cut In Half
(5 Adv)
The Hidden Temple None Why Did It Have To Be Snake Eyes? Dice.gif
loaded dice
Lose ? HP
The Fungus Plains Received Digital key(?) Getting Hammered Whitepix.gif
(10 Adv)
A Barroom Brawl None Because Stereotypes Are Awesome Tinylep.gif
leprechaun hatchling
1 Drunkenness
Whitey's Grove Opened The Road to the White Citadel A White Lie Skirt.gif
Maid Disservice
(10 Adv)
5,000 Meat
  • All Attributes -20%
Desert Beach
South of The Border None The Beaten-Senseless Man's Hand Beatenup.gif
Beaten Up
(10 Adv)
4,000 Meat
  • All Attributes -50%
The Mysterious Island of Mystery
Orcish Frat House
? It's All The Rage Angry.gif
The Rage
(10 Adv)
Orcish Frat House
(In Disguise)
? Double-Secret Initiation Blush.gif
Shamed & Manipulated
(10 Adv)
The Hippy Camp
None Better Dread Than Dead Hippywig.gif
(10 Adv)
The Hippy Camp
(In Disguise)
None Drumroll, Please Drum.gif
Drummed Out
(10 Adv)
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove
Open The Palindome? How Far Down Do You Want To Go? Eyepatch.gif
(10 Adv)
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove
(In Disguise)
Received abridged dictionary Mind Your Business Eyepatch.gif
Third Eye Blind
(10 Adv)
The Haunted Ballroom Opened Wine Racks Party Crasher Slimed.gif
(10 Adv)
The Hidden City Opened A Smallish Temple Pot-Unlucky Cheesestaf.gif
(10 Adv)
The Haunted Billiards Room Opened The Haunted Library Vole Call! Stogie.gif
(10 Adv)
The Haunted Library None Back Off, Man. I'm a Scientist. Hoppeddown.gif
Freaked Out
(10 Adv)
The Haunted Wine Cellar Defeated Lord Spookyraven Hair of the Hellhound Snifter.gif
(10 Adv)
  • So-So Resistance to All Elements
  • All Attributes -20%
The Goatlet Opened The eXtreme Slope Frost Bitten, Twice Shy Snowflake.gif
(10 Adv)
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky Completed Giant Trash Quest Do You Think You're Better Off Alone Hoppedup.gif
Raving Lunatic
(10 Adv)
An Oasis Received worm-riding hooks Mr. Sun Is Not Your Friend Sun2.gif
Solar Flair
(10 Adv)
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert (Ultrahydrated) Received worm-riding hooks Sweatin' Like a Vet'ran Wtee.gif
Shirtless in Seattle
(10 Adv)
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert (non-Ultrahydrated) None Say Cheese!

Lose 50 HP.

The Black Forest Opened The Black Market A Potentially Offensive Reference Has Been Carefully Avoided Here Blpudding.gif
(10 Adv)


  • Most of the "retired" Bad Moon adventures are theorized to actually have been rendered unobtainable accidentally, due to a rework of their container zone, and not enough bug reports about the now-missing Bad Moon adventure being sent.


  • Characters that complete a Bad Moon ascension are entitled to a Brimstone item specific to their class instead of the stainless steel item.
  • 211 Karma is also rewarded, just as in regular Hardcore without Path.

Permanently Unlocking Bad Moon

You can permanently unlock the Bad Moon sign by doing a 100% Black Cat, Bad Moon ascension.

A 100% Black Cat, Bad Moon ascension can be accomplished by getting the Cat and a Terrarium from the special Noob Cave non-combat Bad Moon adventure (listed above) before encountering any combat adventures. You must then have the Cat as your active familiar through all combat adventures until you step through the gash. It is not enough to have the cat as your familiar until you free the King, as using other familiars after breaking the prism will result in a loss of the permanent unlock.

Non-combat adventures do not count towards the total familiar use percentage. This used to be necessary to complete the Black Market and Sorceress' Tower quests, but revamps since then mean that you can just keep the cat with you your entire run and not think about it.

Having a different familiar (or no familiar) active during even one combat adventure will make you ineligible for the permanent unlock. Using tattered scraps of paper and the like will not save you because the familiar usage counter is incremented anyway. However, the free runaway given at rollover will save you, for some reason.

The following message is displayed in your Quest Log after successfully accomplishing a permanent unlock:

You have permanently unlocked the Bad Moon sign.

If attempting a perma-unlock Bad Moon Black Cat run, you will want to take the negative effects of the Cat into consideration when choosing your class. The cat will regularly debuff you, force you to attack with your weapon instead of using combat skills, prevent combat item use, and cause you to lose Mana, stats, and items. Given that, classes that rely on combat skills or buffs will be much harder to play. Since passive and non-combat skills are unaffected, Disco Bandits will probably provide the least aggravating run, especially given their passive item drop bonus and the fact that pickpocketed items are not subject to the Cat's item loss effect. Disco Bandits also benefit from having the skill Ambidextrous Funkslinging when fighting your shadow, since the cat will cause you to lose half the healing items used against it.

Dropping Bad Moon

Dropping Bad moon will result in a number of things being removed or restored in an attempt to restore things to a pre-Bad Moon state. In particular:

  • All permed skills and familiars are restored.
  • Access to the VIP Lounge, Gift Shop et al. are restored.
  • Hey Deze becomes inaccessible, and no other zodiac area takes its place.
  • Any skills bought from Meansucker are lost.
  • Any effects from Bad Moon Adventures are lost.

Note that if you have defeated The Naughty Sorceress and secured your piece of Brimstone then it is not lost by dropping Bad Moon, but if you drop path before then you will no longer be eligible.


After freeing the king and entering aftercore, only some of the normal hardcore restrictions are removed.

  • Any combats without the Black Cat will still invalidate a 100% Black Cat run.
  • Permed skills and familiars are not restored. Mr. Store familiars cannot be placed in the terrarium.
  • Access to Hey Deze is still available.
  • Bad Moon Adventures are still available.
  • It is still possible to drop Bad Moon. This has the normal effect.
  • Clovers are usable, but they still do not drop.
  • Elemental International Airport is not available.
  • The Neverending Party is not available, with the following message:
You glance at the moon and decide not to waste time at a party.
  • VIP Lounge cannot be accessed (provided you have a key), giving the message:
You stroll into the VIP Lounge, but your cursed presence is not very welcome. Cursing the moon, you head back to the clan hall proper.

However, inherited campsite items such as A Telescope, Your Mystical Bookshelf, and your Garden are available again, though Your Workshed, Your Doghouse and Potted tea tree are not. You can also access The Gift Shop.

Recall Ancestral Memories

In aftercore, there is the option of recalling ancestral memories in the account menu. These are the only changes:

  • All permed skills and familiars are restored. Mr. Store familiars can be placed into the terrarium. (2010 Dec 6 update)
  • Any skills bought from Meansucker are lost. Meansucker will no longer be available.
  • Recalling your ancestral memories after a Black Cat run will NOT invalidate the run: however, do not spend any adventures with a different familiar.
  • Items missing from your campground, continue to be missing. As does the Elemental International Airport, VIP Lounge, and The Neverending Party.
  • The following message appears upon recalling ancestral memories:
Your ancient memories return in a flood! You feel more skilled! You remember some old familiar familiars!



  • Bad Moon was added to KoL as part of the NS13 revamp and was discovered as a direct result of hints dropped by TPTB.
    • The first hint was in the official NS-13 press-release claiming there is now "A super-awesome, super-secret, super-new ascension type -- the long pined-for totally level playing field." As a result, people immediately started trying wild things to discover it.
    • The first mention of the term Bad Moon was during this radio show, but we didn't know what that meant until Skully posted this. Knowing the name was one of the most important clues as it sounded like something unlucky.
    • Much of the spading happened in this thread and there is a compendium of all clues in this thread.
  • The black kitten adventure was added August 4, 2008. Initially, it gave 5 drunkenness but had a 30-turn delay before it could be found. (The Noob Cave was 100% noncombats prior to the Toot Oriole revamp of October 5, 2010. This allowed 30 turns of familiar-less adventuring without endangering the 100% familiar run. The kitten adventure was also changed on October 5, 2010.)
  • Heartbreaker's Hotel was implemented September 1, 2009.
  • Prior to the Valhalla revamp of May 17, 2011, characters in Bad Moon received their previous run's rewards in a smoldering box. This included the pork gem(s).
  • Prior to November 17, 2020, you could obtain ten-leaf clovers via lucky-ish pills.
  • The following message was previously displayed in Valhalla after a player successfully accomplished a permanent unlock:
By completing a 100% Black Cat Bad Moon run, you have permanently unlocked the Bad Moon sign for your character.
Ascension Rewards
Gemstones: pork elf goodies sack (baconstone - hamethyst - porquoise)
Paths: Retenez L'Herbe Paté - bottle of single-barrel whiskey - Breathetastic™ Premium Canned Air
Challenge Paths: Thwaitgold statuette - picky tweezers (Picky) - note from Clancy (Avatar of Boris)
Other: disassembled clover - big rock (Bad Moon)

Standard Normal Mossmace.gif
Standard Hardcore Adobepants.gif
Hardcore Ssshil.gif
Oxycore Plexpike.gif
pith helmet
pinky ring
Bad Moon Brimbludgeon.gif
Moon Signs
Additional zone Strboost.gif Effect Wand.gif Effect Discomask.gif Effect
friendly Degrassi Knoll Mongoose +20% Physical Damage Wallaby +20% Spell Damage Vole +20% Combat Initiative,
+20 Maximum HP/MP
Little Canadia Platypus Familiar Weight +5 lbs. Opossum +5 Adv. from first food/day Marmot Slight Resistance to All Elements (+1)
Gnomish Gnomad Camp Wombat +20% Meat from Monsters Blender +5 Adv. from first booze/day Packrat +10% Items from Monsters
Hey Deze Bad Moon Many crazy adventures