Around The World (adventure)

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Around The World
Around The World

You manage to dash behind an arras before anybody sees you. Turns out they have arrases at this party.

You see a table strewn with cups with a tiny amount of hooch in them. You could probably grab some of it and smuggle it out without anybody seeing you.

Grab the hooch

With unoccupied hooch capacity, you will gain 5 hooch or as much as it takes to fill it, whichever is lower

You secret some hooch on your person, and leave the scene.

You gain X hooch!

Without unoccupied hooch capacity, you don't get any hooch at all! How sad.

You've got nowhere to conceal that hooch. You glumly leave the party, sad about your lack of hooch-concealing ability.

1/25 chance, if in a clan with a Speakeasy:

As you're leaving, you notice a strange message scrawled in lipstick on a cocktail napkin: <verb> <noun>

Get out of here

You flee the scene.

Occurs at An Illicit Bohemian Party.