Anniversary tiny latex mask

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anniversary tiny latex mask
anniversary tiny latex mask

This is a tiny mask for your familiar made out of smooth, shiny black latex. It's given to those wacky folks who have lived in the Kingdom of Loathing for nine whole years! Latex is the traditional gift for ninth anniversaries because after nine years, you've pretty much seen it all and are ready to try the weird stuff. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for sticking around! Just think, if you had killed the same cat once every year, that cat would finally be completely dead! Er, if you have done that, please don't tell us. And don't do it again.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: any
Cannot be traded or discarded

+1 to Familiar Weight

(In-game plural: anniversary tiny latex masks)
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Item number: 3840
Description ID: 458954233
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Obtained From

anniversary gift box (on a player's 9th anniversary)

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anniversary tiny latex mask
After 9 years
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