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anniversary gift box
anniversary gift box

Oooh, a gift box! What's inside? I'll bet it's an awesome gift for you, because you've been hanging out in the Kingdom for so long!

Type: gift package
Cannot be traded or discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: anniversary gift boxes)
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Item number: 2827
Description ID: 277422118
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Obtained From

Given on the anniversary of your character creation

When Used

You greedily tear into the anniversary gift box. Inside, amid the smell of nostalgia and auld lang syne, is as follows:
Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sticking around so long!
After 1 year:
Chutsculpture.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary chutney sculpture

After 2 years:

Spandex.gifYou acquire an item: spandex anniversary shorts

After 3 years:

Jamjar.gifYou acquire an item: jar of anniversary jam

After 4 years:

Lardbucket.gifYou acquire an item: bucket of anniversary lard

After 5 years:

Concretehat.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary concrete fedora

After 6 years:

Glassvest.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary safety glass vest

After 7 years:

Burlapbelt.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary burlap belt

After 8 years:

Woodsocks.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary balsa wood socks

After 9 years:

Tinymask.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary tiny latex mask

After 10 years:

Pewtercape.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary pewter cape

After 11 years:

Smguy.gifYou acquire an item: Anniversary Miniature Sword & Martini Guy


  • Began appearing when NS13 started.
  • Given upon the anniversary of a character's creation, with gifts corresponding to the number of years that have been played, displaying the following message on the Main Map immediately after login:
Cake2.gif Pressie.gif Cake2.gif Pressie.gif

Happy Anniversary!
Since you've decided to stick around and play the game for so long, we felt that we should give you something. Enjoy, and thanks for playing! We hope you continue to enjoy the game.

Pressie.gifYou acquire an item: anniversary gift box
Pressie.gif Cake2.gif Pressie.gif Cake2.gif
  • Your player creation date also contains the time, so you will not get your gift until you first log in on your anniversary after the time your account was created.
  • If it is not the exact day, the message will say Happy Belated Anniversary!
  • Players whose characters had already passed their milestones upon the release of NS13 got their packages at rollout containing all gifts they should have earned by that date with the announcement above having the title changed to Happy Belated Anniversary!
    • In case the account hasn't been logged in for several anniversaries, the anniversary gift box will contain multiple items.
  • If it is a player's first anniversary after the "you acquire" message, but before the second line of images will be the message:
You've been granted access to a new chat channel: /veteran
  • Due to a bug in the initial implementation, some players got multiples of earlier year items rather than the proper set based on their years of play. On July 20, 2007, the existing anniversary items were removed from all players and a new gift box delivered.
  • Due to a database glitch on September 29, 2007, a number of players received anniversary boxes even if it wasn't their anniversary. This explains how some players can have more than one of a particular anniversary gift or more than 11 boxes in their collections.
  • When used in Ronin or Hardcore, gives the message "Sorry, but you can't open this present in Ronin or Hardcore."
  • If you have more than one anniversary gift box, opening one will give you the latest gift item you don't have yet.
  • You will no longer receive Anniversary gift boxes after the 11th one.


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