An Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool

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An Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool

An Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool may be installed in your Clan VIP Lounge by using a Olympic-sized Clan crate, which is bought from Mr. Store for 3 Mr. Accessories.

Using the Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool

You change into your swimsuit and step up to the pool.

There are <number> of your clanmates playing in the water right now.


There is currently nobody playing in the water.


Or instead of just screwing around in a pool all day, you can work out like a boring healthy person with will power.

  • If you haven't worked out today:
Swim Laps
Current Record: <number> laps, swum by <player name>, today / <number> days ago.

Do Submarine Sprints
Current Record: <number> sprints, swum by <player name>, today / <number> days ago.
  • If you've worked out today, the buttons are replaced with:

(You've already worked out in the pool today.)


  • Swim Laps
    You manage to swim <number> before your fingers get all pruny.
    Laps.gifYou acquire an effect: Lapdog
    (duration: 50 Adventures)
  • Do Submarine Sprints
    You dive in and start doing submarine sprints. You know, that totally real exercise that I didn't just make up, where you see how many times you can swim back and forth across the pool without coming up for air?
    Anyway, you do (number) of them.
    Dasboot.gifYou acquire an effect: Silent Running
    (duration: 50 Adventures)


  • You can dive for treasure (from Cannonball) once per day.
  • You can work out (Swim Laps or Submarine Sprints) once per day.
  • The pool resets upon ascension.
  • If the number of laps or submarine sprints you have done is greater than the current best in the clan, the record is updated and the following message appears:
It's a new record! You proudly scrawl your name on the sandwich board next to the pool.
  • Your Submarine Sprints are affected by your +item, and Swim Laps by +init. See this HCO thread (link no longer available) for more information. It is currently possible to swim a negative number of laps.
  • If you try to enter the pool when it is full, you will see the following message:
There are way too many of your clanmates in the pool right now, you'll have to wait for some to get out if you want to just screw around.