Accordionoid rocca

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accordionoid rocca
accordionoid rocca

This is a big slab of fine Italian marble carved into the shape of an accordion. Who says accordions don't rock?

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed accordion)
Song Duration: 18 Adventures
Damage: 16 - 32
Moxie Required: 65
Selling Price: 45 Meat.

Damage Reduction: 10 (First Hit Only)

(Bonus for Accordion Thieves only)

(In-game plural: accordionoid roccas)
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Item number: 6821
Description ID: 262883082
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Obtained From

The Palindome
Drab Bard

Cadenza effect

  • On use:
You "play a song" on the rocca by bashing your opponent in the head until his ears ring, dealing 35-45 damage.


  • Allows casting of Accordion Thief buffs for a duration of 18 adventures per cast.
  • Steal message:
You leave no stone unturned, and no stone accordion unstolen.
Acc18.gifYou acquire an item: accordionoid rocca


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