A White Lie

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What are the requirements for getting this adventure?
A White Lie
A White Lie

You see a cute little whitewashed cottage in Whitey's Grove, with a white picket fence around it, and walk up the white brick road that leads to its white front door. The door opens as you step onto the stoop, and a man in a spotless white suit opens the door.

"Ah, there you are! I've been expecting you," he says, and ushers you into the cottage. You stand in a beige room with beige curtains and beige carpet.

"As you can see," he says, "we've kind of let the place go. It started out white, but now it's more like cream. The agency said you'd be able to clean the place up in just a couple of hours; what do you think?"

Huh. He must have mistaken you for a maid. "Well, the agency didn't realize how big the job was going to be," you say, thinking quickly, "so I'm afraid it will cost 150% of our original estimate."

The man sighs. "That's fair. You're not in uniform, though -- let's see, I probably have one in your size."

He opens the coat closet and, disturbingly, it's full of white French-maid uniforms in a range of sizes. He hands you one that looks like it'll fit.

You spend the next couple of hours elbow-deep in a bucket full of bleach, embarrassed to your very core. But you do leave a white room with white curtains, and you do get paid handsomely.

Meat.gifYou gain 5,000 Meat.
Skirt.gifYou acquire an effect: Maid Disservice
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at Whitey's Grove (Bad Moon only).



  • The remark about the white room with white curtains refers to the lyric "In a white room, with black curtains" from the song "White Room" by Cream.