A Tombstone

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A Tombstone
A Tombstone

You encounter a tombstone with a coffin sitting on the ground next to it. The gravediggers of this ancient buried civilization were apparently pretty lazy!

Open the coffin

You pry open the coffin and find a bunch of bones and jewelry. You take the jewelry and leave the bones.

Goldnug.gif+20-30 Gold!


You open the coffin. The bad news is that it contains an animated skeleton, but the good news is that there isn't actually any bad news, because the skeleton is friendly!

Gain a Skeleton buddy

Break the tombstone with your pickaxe
Following a hunch, you shatter the tombstone with your pickaxe. Apparently the person who made it dropped a shotgun into the cement while it was hardening!
Shotgun.gifYou acquire an item: shotgun

Check out the weird inscription your goggles reveal
You follow the directions on the strange inscription and arrive at the fabled Clown Tomb. You make quick work of its defenses, and retrieve the crown of the clown buried inside it.
Spelcrown.gifYou acquire an item: The Clown Crown

Occurs at The Jungle and The Ancient Burial Ground.


  • The gold gain is affected by luck.
  • The second option only shows up if you have a heavy pickaxe equipped.
  • The third option only shows up if you have x-ray goggles equipped.
  • The skeleton buddy can be obtained even if you have one already, and will replace your current buddy.