A Reanimated Conversation

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A Reanimated Conversation
A Reanimated Conversation

You tap on one of the Reanimator's glowing green jars, making a delicate little ding.

"Don't interrupt a genius while he's at work!" he snarls, but then softens. "Oh, it's you. The work proceeds apace. I am currently collecting skulls, arms, legs, wings and weird parts.

"Will that serve our scientific ends, or shall we adjust the sample set?"

He is surrounded by a scuttling swarm of reanimated body parts, including:
A arms
B legs
C skulls
D wings
E weird random parts

Stop collecting skulls

"Of course, of course, I was just about to suggest that skulls were a useless sample set. No more skulls."

Start collecting skulls again
"Yes, of course! More skulls could provide the data we need! I'll collect more skulls!"
Stop collecting arms

"It would seem that we cannot bear to collect more arms; and anyway, I think they're a dead end to our inquiry. No more arms for the forseeable future."

Start collecting arms again

"I agree wholeheartedly. Now is the time to take up arms. Sorry, little joke there. Arms are certainly vital to testing my hypotheses."

Stop collecting legs

"I do think our data thus far have been polluted by having too many legs in the sample set. Let's lay off the legs for a while and see how that changes the experiment."

Start collecting legs again

"I think a thorough study of legs will help us get a leg up on the competition. Huh, my data suggests you should have laughed harder at that joke. Oh, well. I'll start collecting legs again."

Stop collecting wings

"I think wings are a mere distraction to our central hypothesis, don't you? I shall cease wing collection. I am no longer anyone's wing man."

Start collecting wings again

"It seems you agree, then, as I've outlined in my latest peer-reviewed research, that wings are a vital component to our current research. I'll start collecting wings forthwith."

Stop collecting weird parts

"Much like an actor who wishes to be taken seriously, I shall stop taking weird parts. Hmm...according to this graph, your laugh should have been approximately three decibels louder and four seconds longer in duration to that joke. Ah, well. I will stop collecting weird parts."

Start collecting weird parts again

"I am eager to run some experiments on reanimating non-traditional body parts. One can only make so many dead arms flop up and down before one craves variety. Scientific variety, of course. I shall collect some strange specimens."

Ditch the whole swarm

"Very well. Days, weeks of scientific progress, down the drain! But the investors are always right."

See ya later, Reanimator!

"I shall return to my research on our specimen pool. Tap the glass again if you need me."

Occurs when using the chat link on a Reanimated Reanimator.


  • The buttons for stopping or resuming collecting are only shown when appropriate. By default, all are being collected.