A Pumpkin Patch

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A Pumpkin Patch is a crop that appears in the garden at your Campground once you use a packet of pumpkin seeds.

When "Used"

  • While having one to four pumpkins to harvest:
You commence to pumpkin pickin'.
Pumpkin.gifYou acquire some pumpkins
  • While having a huge pumpkin to harvest:

You waited and waited, and he finally showed up! The Great Pumpkin!

Oh. No, that's just an oversized regular pumpkin. You can go back to being depressed now.
Bigpumpkin.gifYou acquire an item: huge pumpkin
  • While having a ginormous pumpkin to harvest:
You pick the pumpkin, which is literally the size of a house, and somehow manage to get it into your sack.
Bigpumpkin.gifYou acquire an item: ginormous pumpkin
  • After already harvesting all your pumpkins:
There's nothing growing in your garden right now. Come back tomorrow.
  • Attempting to pick a pumpkin in Trendy:
Nobody uses those things these days.


  • The patch grows one pumpkin every day, but will produce different kinds of pumpkins if you are willing to wait for them.
    • On day one, the patch yields 1 pumpkin.
    • On days two through four, the patch yields 2-4 pumpkins, respectively.
    • On day five, the 4 pumpkins are replaced with a huge pumpkin.
    • On day eleven, the huge pumpkin is replaced with a ginormous pumpkin, presumably the last item that grows in the patch (confirmed through day 37).
  • The patch can be planted but is invisible and inaccessible to players in Bad Moon before freeing King Ralph. The above growth sequence will still run normally in the meantime.
  • The patch will reset to having 1 harvestable pumpkin after Ascension.

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  • The great pumpkin is a reference to the 'Peanuts' comic strip, in which Linus waits each year for The Great Pumpkin to show up at halloween.