A Motor in your Head

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A Motor in your Head
A Motor in your Head

You gamble all night. You win some, lose some, but it's all the same to you. Finally, with a substantial amount of meat on the table, you find you almost have a royal flush! The only card you need is the ace of spades.

The ace of spades.

You decide to play for the high one, dance with the devil, and risk losing your ass, as well as your lower back. When you get your card, you put your hand over it and concentrate as hard as you can. You will the card to be the ace of spades.

It is! The cards must have sensed what a total badass you are. Either that, or you were lucky enough to hit a 1:52 probability. Go you!

You suddenly feel less lucky.

Meat.gifYou gain 300 Meat.
You gain 20 Sarcasm.

Occurs at The Poker Room while Lucky!


  • Since you've already seen where at least four of the cards from the deck are, the odds of the card being the ace of spades were a bit better than 1:52. Unless there were more cards in the deck to begin with.
  • The meat goes into your pocket, not to charity, when under Way of the Surprising Fist.


  • The title and text of this adventure refer to the song Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
  • Mirrors the final hand in the poker championships game in the movie Maverick.