A Journey to the Center of Your Mind

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A Journey to the Center of Your Mind
A Journey to the Center of Your Mind

You wander around in a daze, until you find yourself in a dark corner of the sleazy back alley. You see a little table with a sign over it that says "The Travel Agent is IN." You sit down in front of the table. The person behind it is shrouded in darkness, but definitely looks like someone you wouldn't trust to hold a football for you.

"Ah," she says, "I see you've found us. That means you're eligible to go on a very special trip. We have three vacations for you. The first one is... well, I won't lie to you, it's pretty scary. But you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating anything you encounter in there. You probably won't get much out of it, though."

"The second one is pretty okay. You might get a little bored, but at least you won't be scared. You might have a harder time with the challenges you'll face there, but you'll have a richer experience."

"The third one is fantastic. You'll see things you wouldn't believe -- and I don't mean stuff like attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, either. You might have a hard time getting through it, but you'll definitely be enlightened. So, which one would you like? Choose wisely, because you can't change trips until you get back."

Take the Bad Trip

"Enjoy your trip, you blockhead!" The travel agent's face starts to melt and a swarm of bees flies out of her mouth.

Take the Mediocre Trip

"Have a bitchin' time, dude," the travel agent says. You notice that the wood-grain in the table in front of you is fascinating.

Take the Great Trip

"Enjoy your trip," the travel agent says. Woah... that's so... significant.

Reached by clicking on any adventure location when you have the effect Half-Astral, but before you've chosen which trip you want to go on.


  • You can't change the trip you're on until Half-Astral runs out.
  • You can access A Journey to the Center of Your Mind when falling-down drunk, but attempting to go on any of the adventures which follow will get you a Drunken Stupor.
  • Also, Teleportitis retains its effect through Half-Astral, in that you will be unable to access any of the trips. Your first adventure after consuming an astral mushroom, prior to your choosing a trip, however, will still lead you to A Journey to the Center of Your Mind.
  • Players who attempt to adventure here after Half-Astral has run out will be told "You're in the regular dimension now, and don't remember how to get back there."


  • "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" was a classic science fiction story by Jules Verne.
  • "Journey to the Center of the Mind" was a hit for The Amboy Dukes, a psychedelic rock band fronted by Ted Nugent.
  • "You'll see things you wouldn't believe -- and I don't mean stuff like attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, either." is a reference to Blade Runner. At the end of the movie, Roy Batty says "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion... I've seen C-beams glitter in the dark near Tanhauser Gate..."
  • Lucy van Pelt, a character in Peanuts, was known for holding a football for Charlie Brown (whom she often referred to as "blockhead") to kick (and pulling it away at the last moment). The image for this adventure is derived from the booth where she would sell "Psychiatric Help 5 cents"; a caption below typically read "The Doctor is IN".
  • A "trip" is slang for a hallucinatory episode brought on by acid. A "bad trip" is a nightmarish hallucination.
  • Each of the three messages refers to a different effect of acid.
  • "Woah... that's so... significant." refers to as many as two of Keanu Reeves's roles - his character Neo uttered a similar "Woah" at a pivotal/significant point in the first installment of The Matrix film trilogy, and his character Ted Logan in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure said "Woah" several times throughout the film and its sequel.
  • "Woah... that's so... significant." may also be a reference to an episode of Family Guy, in which a boy trips and falls with his tongue out onto a toad, and after absorbing hallucinogens from the toad this way, stands up and says, "Woah... everything's so... significant."