A Dreadful Smell

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A Dreadful Smell
A Dreadful Smell

You're in a sewer. For as creepy as the village is, its sewers are surprisingly pedestrian. Not that you should really be walking around down here.

You see one of the grates that's supposed to drain sewage out of the system (into the river the[sic] that provides the village with drinking water -- gross!) and it's all clogged up with nasty detritus.

Unclog the grate
You clear the garbage from the grate, and the sewage begins to flow freely into the river. Blech.
On the bright side, the whole village smells better now.
(No more Stench monsters will appear in the village)

Slosh in the muck
You frolic around in the raw sewage, like a gross crazy weirdo.
Sebashield.gifYou acquire an effect: Sewer-Drenched
(duration: 100 Adventures)

Climb back out

You decide to stop playing in the sewer. You climb back up the rusty ladder.

Occurs at The Even More Dreadful Part of Town in Dreadsylvanian Village.