A Crowd of Arguing Elves

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A Crowd of Arguing Elves appeared in Crimbo Town during Crimbo 2020.

  • On first visit
Crimbo Town square is full of elves bickering with each other -- well, perhaps 'bickering' is a strong word, as none of them seem angry exactly, but there certainly is a lot of emotional gesturing going on.
You push through to the middle of the crowd, where three elves in particular seem to be the main focus of the debate. Would you be surprised to find out one of them is Tammy, the tambourine elf? (Unless you're pretty new around here, you shouldn't be.)
"Hey, Tammy!" you say, waving to her.
"<Player Name>!" she squeals in delight, and gives you a big (for an elf) hug. "It's so nice to see you again! Welcome back!"
"You too! What's going on?" you ask.
"Abuela Crimbo has a lot on her plate this year, so she left us in charge of running things for the Kingdom," she explains. "But we're having trouble agreeing on what sort of Crimbo it should be. How best to spread the Crimbo spirit, you know?"
She turns and gestures to the other two elves with her tambourine. "Here, let me introduce you! This is Mirth," she says, indicating an elf with long blonde hair and big shining eyes, who waves at you happily, "and this is Penny." Penny is dressed in a sober gray suit, albeit with a festive red and green necktie. She nods politely and makes a note on her digital tablet.
"Please to meet you both," you say. "What's the situation? Maybe I can help."
Mirth clasps her hands to her chest beatifically. "Crimbo is the season of love, and togetherness, and caring!" she says, in a lilting, chirpy voice. "We should go out to all the people, and spread these messages of joy and harmony, and entreat them to join us in celebrating the spirit of Crimbo!"
"And I basically agree," Tammy says, "except I don't think people are gonna be interested in, y'know, speeches and stuff, no matter how heartfelt they are. I think what people want is music and singing!" She jingles her tambourine to demonstrate. "Traditional Crimbo carols! And wassailing! That's how you get people into the Crimbo spirit!"
Penny sniffs. "While both of these undertakings are charming, and they certainly have their place in the season, we must not neglect the realities of modern life," she says. "The economy relies on the Crimbo gift-purchasing surge, and we Crimbo elves are not immune. Regardless of our fantastical natures, we cannot live on Crimbo cheer alone. Encouraging people to spend money -- Meat, in this case -- should be our overriding concern in promoting holiday spirit."
"Okay, well, I don't think these ideas are mutually-exclusive," you say. "We've got a lot of adventurers in the Kingdom. Some of us can go out proselytizing, and some can go caroling, and some can, um..."
"I have taking the liberty of constructing a financial invigoration program, which I call 'multi-level economic encouragement'," Penny says. "Basically, if each member donates Meat to the next member up the ladder, then..."
"Right, sure. That. There's enough of us that we can do all three of these things," you say.
"That's a great idea!" Tammy says excitedly. "Let's get started right away!"
  • On subsequent visits

The elves are all scampering around the place, busy with their various tasks. Maybe try again later (meaning tomorrow).